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Regional Corporate Offices

Chesapeake has regional corporate offices located in three strategic locations across the country.

Shreveport, Louisiana – Although Chesapeake has explored for and produced natural gas in Louisiana for more than a decade, the vast potential of the Haynesville Shale has just recently been discovered, and we believe it will become the largest natural gas field in the U.S. Our regional corporate office in Shreveport serves as the center of our expanding operations in the Haynesville and Bossier shales.

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Fort Worth, Texas – Overlooking the Trinity River, this regional corporate office resides in an award-winning, 20-story building and stands as our operations hub for the Barnett Shale. Our extensive work in the Fort Worth area has utilized unconventional methods of drilling, making us the first company to ever drill for and extract natural gas from beneath a major metropolitan airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International – the world’s largest airport by area.

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Charleston, West Virginia – This regional corporate office serves our entire Eastern Division and provides operational oversight for Chesapeake’s interests in the Appalachian Basin. Often characterized as the “most drilled and least explored” region of America, we’ve capitalized on the great potential for energy here by using new technology for exploration and development in natural gas, especially in the Marcellus Shale.​​​

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