Green Frac



We are committed to finding opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturinghydraulic fracturinghydraulic fracturing. In October 2009, we founded our Green Frac initiative. Green Frac evaluates each chemical additivechemical additivechemical additive to determine its necessity and environmental friendliness. To date, we have eliminated 10 – 25% of the additives used in our hydraulic fracturing fluidshydraulic fracturing fluidshydraulic fracturing fluids in our major plays and are constantly searching for new ways to reduce our chemical usage even further.

Green Frac photoThis industry-leading program is also establishing simple guidelines for the company and its vendors to provide safe and proper handling of chemicals while on the surface and ensure environmentally friendly hydraulic fracturing operations.

We understand the public's desire to know more about what is involved in our operations, so we voluntarily disclose all chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing activities through

Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Chart

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