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Specialty Vehicles

Clean, affordable, abundant, American compressed natural gas (CNG) is a readily available alternative to gasoline and diesel. Converting more of the nation’s transportation fleet to CNG will reduce pollution; cut costs for consumers, companies and governments; ensure a reliable energy supply; and increase our national security.

Chesapeake’s fleet of CNG-powered vehicles demonstrates the benefits and versatility of CNG. By the end of 2011 the company had converted more than 1,000 vehicles to run on CNG, with a goal of converting 100% of its fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles by 2014. The switch should save the company $11 million.

Chesapeake also operates a fleet of specialty vehicles that run on CNG. They travel the country spreading the message of CNG.

For more information about these vehicles or to interview an expert, contact Jim Gipson at 405-935-1310 or​​​​

CNG Chopper Chevy Camaro Big Blue




To book an interview or gather more information about these vehicles, contact Jim Gipson at 405-935-1310 or
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