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The Anadarko Basin

Approximately 50,000 square miles, the Anadarko Basin stretches across portions of Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. The basin contains sedimentary deposits ranging in thickness from 2,000 feet on its northern and western flanks to 40,000 feet in its southern portion.

Historically, significant natural gas and oil discoveries have been made throughout the region since the 1920s. The play was also once home to the world’s deepest producing well, the Lone Star Bertha Rogers in Beckham County, Oklahoma, at 31,441 feet.

In fact, the Anadarko Basin produced Chesapeake’s largest oil gusher to date with the Thurman Horn 406H well in the Hogshooter formation in Wheeler County, Texas, which had a peak production rate of 6,780 barrels of crude oil plus 1,248 barrels of NGLs plus 6.8 million cubic feet of natural gas a day. The basin also yielded one of Chesapeake’s largest natural gas wells, the Buffalo Creek 1-17 in Beckham County, Oklahoma, which surpassed cumulative gross production of more than 60 billion cubic feet of natural gas (bcf) in 2011. The well averaged approximately 41 million cubic feet of natural gas (mmcf) per day for the first two years of production and is still currently producing at approximately 8 mmcf per day.​​​​​​​​​​

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