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Campus Headquarters

With our corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City, field offices throughout the country, and our successful business strategy focused on natural gas, it’s easy to see we’re growing by leaps and bounds.  We’re investing in industry experts and cutting-edge technology professionals to keep pace with this tremendous growth.

Our corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City showcases the kind of environment that reflects a company that values its employees: well-equipped offices and facilities set in an atmosphere that makes coming to work a pleasure.

Take a look at some of the attributes that make us stand out:

  • The company’s grounds more closely resemble a university than a typical corporate headquarters, with a casually professional atmosphere. Our buildings are integrated with meandering streams and well-tended landscaping. Inside, we have state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide optimal work environments for our geosciences, drilling and production, land and administrative employees.
  • Chesapeake operates our state-of-the-art Reservoir Technology Center (RTC), which allows the company to better understand and solve the challenges of the unconventional reservoirs from which we believe vast new reserves of natural gas can be developed. By having the RTC right here on our campus, we get immediate, on-site results of core evaluations; which allows Chesapeake to continue to achieve industry-leading value creation.
  • The Oklahoma City campus houses a leading-edge 3-D seismic visualization center, featuring wall-sized rear projected screens that display vivid images of the earth’s subsurface, similar to virtual reality technology used in modern filmmaking. Use of 3-D seismic technology enables geologists to find hidden natural gas prospects miles below the earth’s surface.
  • Chesapeake’s 72,000-square-foot Fitness Center is located on campus, and plays host to a wide range of recreation programs, group exercise classes, cardio machines, weight room, basketball courts, racquetball courts, swimming pool, fitness assessments and preventative health screenings. Our adjoining athletic field hosts a variety of outdoor events during and after work, including coed flag football, soccer, kickball, team Frisbee, softball and personal training, and includes a quarter-mile track.
  • Also on campus are four restaurants, The Wildcat, Fuel, Elements and Creekside, which offer a wide variety of healthy choices for breakfast and lunch. From a fresh salad bar, to made-to-order deli line and grill, employees have a variety of healthy alternatives to choose from.
  • The Blue Room Theater, Chesapeake’s on-campus destination site, is a state-of-the art theater that provides a setting for presentations by outstanding industry experts, speakers and business meetings. On designated weekends, The Blue Room turns into an entertainment center, with screenings of feature films and premier athletic events for employees and their guests.
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