Our Stories


  • Plunger Optimization Ups Production

    Chesapeake employees are constantly finding ways to generate value while increasing production. This includes finding innovative new ways to optimize wells. Production has already increased by 20,000 mcf per day in central Texas and lease operating expenses are down, making the team there ahead of schedule to meet their 2015 goal. And in Wyoming, a large amount of ​spend...
  • Mentors Strengthen Lease Operators

    In a program that started in South Texas and recently expanded to Ohio, lease operators are rising up and becoming ChAMPs — Chesapeake Active Mentoring Process candidates, that is. ChAMP is more than a course. It’s a structured roadmap for mentors to train, advise and document the development of lease operators. It provides mentees with the foundational safety, technical and...
  • The Driving Force of Safe​ty

    At Chesapeake, nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, contactors and the public. With more than 1,800 vehicles on the road daily in 12 states, the company sees its commitment to driver safety as a top priority as well as an opportunity to help protect the communities where it operates. Chesapeake uses advanced technology, targeted training…​​​
  • Always Call 811 Before You Dig

    Americans live and work above more than 2 million miles of buried lines containing oil, natural gas, electricity and other utilities. Damaging these structures can cause injury or other serious consequences, which is why it is critical for residents, contractors and professionals to call 811 before digging. Calling a few days before starting a digging project allows utility and...