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Independent Report on Atgas Incident Finds No Impact on Local Water Wells

10/15/2011 6:35 PM

Many in the media and among Chesapeake stakeholders who followed developments in our Atgas well-control event in April previously asked for additional investigative information.

Please follow this link to two reports filed with the PADEP by nationally recognized consultants, SAIC, who have extensive experience working for governmental agencies. The first report addresses water sampling results from the entire affected area. The second is an intensive investigation of a single residential well that had sample findings that were significantly different from other wells tested.

The SAIC reports have been accepted by the PADEP and are backed up by an enormous set of data and technical tables. For your convenience, SAIC has prepared a key findings document that provides page citations from the reports. The key conclusions are:

  • None of the nearby private water wells was impacted by the event.
  • There was minor impact to the land.
  • There was minimal, temporary impact to a small tributary and Towanda Creek.

In summary, this accident was one of the most serious that can happen during the completion of an onshore shale gas well. While it was regrettable and Chesapeake has taken specific steps to prevent another occurrence, nobody was injured, the public was never in danger and there was no lasting impact to the environment, as the analysis shows.

Please note that names and addresses of residents have been redacted from the official studies filed with PADEP out of respect for our neighbors’ privacy.

Final Water Well - Redacted

SAIC Bullet Letter

ATGAS Initial Site Characterization Report


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