Revenue Check Stub FAQs

Chesapeake is implementing a new accounting system that will modify the revenue check format, beginning with the April 2018 revenue check. 

Q: When can I expect to see the new check format?

A: The April 2018 revenue check, which will be mailed on April 30, will be the first month revenue is distributed using the new check format.  

Q: Is there a new revenue check stub sample available online, indicating where to find common information and explaining any new information?

A: Yes. View the new revenue check stub here

Q: What does the "DOI" column represent?

A: Separate DOI lines are listed for oil and gas royalties and royalties being paid from multiple zones. 

Q: Will the format of JIB Summary Netting Statements be changing as well?

A: No, the changes will not impact the JIB Summary Netting Statements. 

Q: Will the format of Division Order forms be changing?

A: No, the changes will not impact the Division Order forms. 

Q: Why has my owner number changed?

A: Chesapeake is now using a single owner number to consolidate all account information. This allows for one owner number per royalty interest, working interest and leasehold information.

Q: Will my new owner number affect my royalty payments?

A: No, your new owner number will not have an effect on royalties payments issued by Chesapeake. 

Q: Will there be any changes to my online owner account login or what I’m able to view?

A: There is no change to the way you login to your owner account or what you’re able to view.