Ownership Changes

Changes in ownership or owner status for land and mineral rights require division orders. Owners should ensure they have the appropriate documentation, which is outlined below for each type of change. Note that requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Changes should be submitted in writing to:
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Attn: Division Orders
P.O. Box 18496
Oklahoma City, OK 73154-0496

If you have further questions please contact Division Orders.

ADDRESS OR BANK CHANGESubmit change request in writing with your signature
An individual's name changes due to marriage, divorce, etc.

Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree reinstating maiden name or other document affecting name change
Company or corporation changes its nameCertificate of Name Change including Tax ID
Company or corporation's name changes due to a mergerCertificate of Merger including Tax ID
Appointment of Attorney-In-FactCopy of Power of Attorney
SALE OF AN INTERESTConveyance filed of record in the county/ parish in which the property is located.
OWNERSHIP CHANGE DUE TO DIVORCEComplete Divorce Decree including Settlement Agreement, recorded conveyances (if appropriate)
Trust or Partnership is created

Trust or Partnership Agreement
Trust or Partnership is terminatedDissolution of Trust or Partnership
Changes in TrusteeTrust Agreement and instruments evidencing the death, resignation or removal of the current trustee and appointment of successor trustee
JOINT TENANCY AND ONE DIESDeath Certificate of Joint Tenant
LIFE ESTATE AND LIFE TENANT DIESDeath Certificate of Life Tenant
Names and addresses of remaindermen
Owner died with a Will (testate) and probate proceedings are to be conducted in the state where the property is located

Death Certificate
Order Admitting Will to Probate
Letters Testamentary
Last Will and Testament
Evidence debts and taxes have been paid
Final Decree of Distribution or Judgment of Possession
Owner died with a Will (testate) and probate proceedings are to be conducted in a state other than the state where the property is locatedDeath Certificate
Last Will and Testament
Letters Testamentary
Order Admitting Will To Probate
Final Decree of Distribution or Judgment of Possession
Evidence debts and taxes for domiciliary and ancillary state have been paid
Documentation of ancillary probate proceedings opened in all affected states or, if ancillary probate proceedings have not been commenced, Affidavit of Heirship
Owner died without a Will (intestate)
(Laws of Descent and Distribution will apply as relevant)
Death Certificate
Letters of Administration
Final Decree of Distribution
Affidavit of Heirship
Evidence debts and taxes have been paid
Chapter 11 or Chapter 13

Plan of Reorganization
Order Confirming the Plan of Reorganization
Order Naming Trustee of Bankruptcy Estate
Chapter 7 Contact Chesapeake to discuss required documentation
  • All payees are required to provide a social security, or tax identification number or Federal Law requires tax withholding.
  • All changes of ownership must be filed of record in the County/Parish where the property is located.
  • Laws of agency preclude us from providing forms for conveying real property interests. However, you may contact an attorney, Legal Aid Society, or your local Bar Association for assistance in handling these matters.
  • Address changes cannot be handled by telephone. A written request is required.
  • Retain your check detail for future reference.