Preserving Air Quality

Chesapeake has a robust air quality program dedicated to continuous improvement with a goal to reduce emissions from our operations. The program is standardized to enable auditing and fully integrated through the company. Three primary components make the program successful:


The foundation of our air quality program is compliance with existing air regulations. We comply with all federal Clean Air Act regulations, specifically the New Source Performance Standards, and comparable state laws that establish strict standards for air pollutant emissions. These laws and regulations require monitoring and reporting of emissions from various sources, including our production locations, compressor stations and other facilities.

Our companywide electronic dashboard tracks emissions data for compliance recordkeeping and risk management. Dashboard data analysis also enables Operations to update or modify equipment, reducing the likelihood of an emission event.   

Another way we identify preventative and corrective maintenance needs and strengthen compliance assurance is through a checklist specifically designed for our lease operators. Using an application on their smartphones, lease operators can access a list of observations to conduct for air quality. After conducting their reviews, lease operators file real-time reports through the application. Reports from the system route to a supervisor or Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) representative based on the criteria of the answers and action is taken when necessary. 

We also utilize enhanced facility design and targeted leak detection technology to reduce our air impact, going above and beyond regulatory compliance. These improvements, and others directed at air pollutants, also commonly reduce greenhouse gas emissions