Operating with Strict Standards

Chesapeake is dedicated to maintaining an ethical, safe and high-performing supply chain process. Our centralized Supply Chain Department manages the onboarding and safety and environmental performance of our suppliers and contractors, while leveraging our full purchasing power for increased cost savings. 

Upholding Our Supplier Code of Conduct

Suppliers partnering with Chesapeake must pass a prequalification process during which their safety and environmental performance is evaluated. Once companies are accepted as qualified partners and selected to work for Chesapeake, their conduct is subject to our Supplier Code of Conduct. This code mandates that all business partners share Chesapeake’s commitment to providing a safe and ethical workplace and conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner. It also communicates methods for reporting concerns and ethical issues.

A key outcome of abiding by the Supplier Code is a safe work site. For example, according to the Supplier Code, drug and alcohol possession and use are strictly prohibited on company sites. While suppliers and their employees agree to these standards, Chesapeake’s Security team monitors sites regularly for compliance. In 2016, Chesapeake Security conducted nine rig checks and randomly drug tested 316 third parties on Chesapeake locations. As a result of these inspections, certain individuals and suppliers were permanently removed from working at Chesapeake locations.