Celebrating Diversity

The oil and gas industry has historically struggled with creating a diverse workforce. While some of this can be attributed to external factors such as operational locations, we are committed to increasing our diversity through proactive measures.

The Chesapeake Diversity Council serves as an advisory body, reporting to our executive management, and taking a leadership role in developing diversity programs for the company. These programs promote awareness and inclusion and encourage diversity of thought and experiences. The Council has commitment from the top, with Cathy Tompkins, Senior Vice President – Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, serving as the company’s diversity champion.

In support of our Equal Employment Policy, we formalized an affirmative action program that offers annual diversity training to all supervisors and above, as well as an annual analysis of the company’s population to determine if there are any areas particularly lacking in diversity. Should our audit reveal areas that need diversity focus, our Human Resources team will work directly with leadership to develop an action plan for improvement. 

As part of our affirmative action program Chesapeake conducts a fairness check each performance review cycle to identify if any protected groups have areas of potential adverse impact. Should there be a trend within a certain group, the group’s performance ratings, promotions and compensation recommendations are studied more thoroughly, and discussions take place with leadership to help facilitate fairness across the organization.

Supporting Veterans

Recognizing the talent veterans bring to our organization, we offer a veterans-only email address to give military candidates direct access to our talent acquisition team. Our recruiting team members are trained to review and translate military resumes for hiring managers to highlight the skills of veteran candidates.

Each Veterans Day we honor our employees who served with recognition activities in each of our offices. And for those in active duty, Chesapeake offers a military differential pay benefit to all qualified, full-time employees who are called to serve or train for 30 or more days.