Employee Engagement

Transparency and open communication are core values that help create a culture where employees are engaged and aligned with company goals. 

Keeping Employees Informed

Senior leadership hosts regular Town Hall meetings to roll out large initiatives or update employees on company progress. Employees are invited to attend the meetings in person or via webcasts. Following the live meetings, recorded versions are featured on our company intranet for accessibility to both field and corporate employees.

In addition to direction from senior leadership, cascading messages across employee levels is encouraged at Chesapeake. Supervisors receive tools to encourage dialogue with their direct reports regarding information important to business operations. One of these tools is a regular email called Core Communications that provides managers with information to share with their team members. Employees can also access company information through our robust intranet and Connect, our knowledge-sharing website.

Empowering Employees at Every Level

We recognize the strength in diversity of thought and the sharing of cross-functional expertise. One way we tap into this strength is through employee task forces. These committees, made up of co-workers representing diverse departments, provide feedback to improve company operations. Just a few of these groups include:


Recognizing Employees

Chesapeake has several employee recognition programs designed to show appreciation to employees who go above and beyond their job responsibilities. The Core Values Award is given quarterly to a group of employees who embody one or more of Chesapeake’s core values, while employees are recognized annually at the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Excellence Awards for stellar environmental or safety performance. 

In addition to formal award programs, we offer Applause, our online employee recognition program that allows managers and employees to immediately honor their co-workers for positive, on-the-job behaviors. Employees receive digital badges to build their online trophy cases, and in some instances, receive prizes for special accomplishments. 

Within Applause, we also celebrate employees’ milestone anniversaries. Employees celebrating their one- and three-year anniversaries receive an Applause digital award and, beginning on an employee’s five-year anniversary and continuing every five years after, employees receive Applause points for prizes and recognition from senior leadership.

Employee Feedback

Key to creating a culture of transparency and open communication is encouraging employees to submit feedback on the company. Chesapeake offers the Idea Box, the S.A.F.E. Suggestion Box and our Good Catch program as ways for employees to share their ideas for improving the company and making Chesapeake a safer place to work.

Should employees have a concern about the conduct of a co-worker or contractor, they can contact our Compliance Department or anonymously inform our Ethics and Integrity Helpline.