Promoting Employee Health

Protecting our people takes a coordinated and comprehensive approach that begins at the job site and extends to include all of employee well-being.  

Employee Wellness

Supporting the individual well-being of our employees is foundational to our safety culture. We champion healthy lifestyles and offer resources encouraging our employees to put their health first. Through these efforts, as well as preventive programs such as complimentary flu shots, we can reduce sick days and contribute to employee productivity.

Across the company, employees are incentivized to complete an annual screening for common health-related issues. In 2017, 72% of our workforce completed a health check and received a reduced insurance rate as a result. Those employees who scheduled their screenings also had the opportunity to be connected to a specialized health professional if additional follow up was needed. 

For convenience, employees can receive their health checks at our corporate campus’ on-site health clinic. In addition to offering a nursing staff and general practitioner, the clinic hosts dermatology and sports medicine appointments, and has a full-service dental office. Neighboring the clinic is a state-of-the-art fitness center that also offers onsite physical therapy. 

For those unable to visit a nearby health professional, Chesapeake offers Teladoc memberships to employees and dependents enrolled in one of our health plans. Through Teladoc, employees can connect with a board-certified and state licensed physician in minutes who can diagnose and treat common illnesses via phone or video. Requests for these convenient consultations can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by web, phone or mobile app. 

Making healthy food choices is easier at Chesapeake thanks to targeted communications in each of the corporate campus restaurants. Foods are coded using a spotlight system to note which food is healthiest, and nutritional information is available upon request. 

Chesapeake recognizes that wellness goes beyond just physical health, and that personal problems can affect job performance by causing stress, absence from work and difficulty focusing. We offer an Employee Assistance Program for all employees, from the first day of employment. Through this program, employees and members of their household receive six free, confidential counseling sessions per issue per year.

Our Employee Assistance Program also acts as a referral service, helping employees to locate child or elder care and recommending financial and legal information services. The service has various life stages programs, including help with prenatal planning, college financing and retirement planning.

Fitting Work to the Worker

Another aspect of our employee health program is a robust ergonomics initiative, led by an ergonomics specialist. Through the program, employees have the opportunity to receive individual assessments and tailored action plans for correcting improper work positions and habits. These techniques, which range from stretching routines to modified office setups, all work to reduce the incidence of on-the-job injuries and increase worker productivity. 

Also, complimentary virtual office ergonomics training and assessments are available to all Chesapeake employees through VelocityEHS, an online portal offering:

  • An online ergonomics training module
  • A workstation posture evaluation tool
  • An ergonomics risk score with personalized recommendations
  • A comprehensive help library

Targeted to field employees, Chesapeake’s Industrial Athlete program offers ergonomics coaching based on job function needs. The program covers such topics as vehicle use, manual material handling, hydration and nutrition, fatigue reduction and injury prevention. Overall wellness and body biomechanics are also addressed with training on body position, balance and pre-work warm-ups. Every field office has participated in Industrial Athlete training, including all field employees and contractors in some areas.

Occupational Health and Safety

A natural extension of our ergonomics program, Chesapeake’s industrial hygiene initiative utilizes exposure assessments to identify chemical, physical and biological stressors that may impact employee health while on a jobsite. Through the program, we pinpoint potential hazards and develop proactive, situational plans to best protect our employees.

With a similar goal of anticipating and mitigating potential hazards, Chesapeake performs a job safety analysis (JSA) for every company project. Each JSA documents potential hazards and requires mitigation if a hazard is identified. Before employees or company representatives begin the job, they attend a safety meeting during which they review the JSA.