Electronic Invoicing

For fast and efficient payments, please submit your invoices through electronic invoicing (EI). EI provides several benefits, including:

  • Invoice tracking
  • Payment cycle time
  • Customer communication
  • Efficiency

Getting Started

Once you become an approved supplier, the EI onboarding process is quick and easy. To get started, email Supplier Relations. We can determine if your company is eligible for EI and can answer any questions. Please make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • Type of products or services being billed
  • Software used to create invoices
  • Quantity of invoices with Chesapeake and affiliate companies
  • Whether invoices are sent from multiple field offices
  • Whether multiple properties are billed on invoices

All suppliers must have a Master Services Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement on file before EI can begin. Chesapeake uses Oildex for its EI program. Oildex will begin the setup process and provide technical support where necessary.

Invoice Submission Methods

Suppliers may use any of the following to submit electronic invoices through Oildex:

  • Online web forms (requires a computer and Internet connection)
  • QuickBooks add-in that allows users to create and transmit e-invoices
  • Other standardized data formats or spreadsheets (CSV, EDI, PIDXML, etc.)

For more information please contact Chesapeake’s EI Project Manager at Supplier Relations.