PO Invoice Guidelines

Follow these guidelines, and we will make sure you are paid on time.

PO Invoice Requirements

  • One PO per invoice
  • If not submitting electronically, please mail invoices to centralized P.O. Box, do not deliver to a field office 
  • Chesapeake will not be obligated to pay if the invoice is not received within 12 months of the date of work

Required PO Invoice Information

  • Chesapeake entity being invoiced
  • Complete invoice with all necessary backup (signed field tickets, bid award sheets, etc.)
  • PO number is required
  • PO item number from the PO form should be listed on the invoice for the corresponding line item charged
  • If a work order is listed on your PO form, please list your work order(s) on your invoice
  • Invoice number and date
  • Remittance address
  • Service date
  • Complete description of work done or product purchased
  • Complete well name or number, rig or property location, or gathering location (where appropriate)
  • Field signatures are required; the approver may not approve the invoice if the field ticket is not signed
  • Project name (if applicable)

Manual Approvals

  • Manual approvals are no longer accepted
  • All invoices will be approved electronically in our system
  • Consult your field representative to verify billing requirements, as these may differ depending on the charges

Electronic Invoicing (EI) Requirements 

  • One PO per invoice
  • Complete all required fields for invoice generation
    • PO number should be listed in the PO number field
    • Property information should be listed in the charge to/charge to name fields
  • Field tickets and signatures should be included, if required
  • It is preferred that field tickets be attached to the invoices upon submission; if Chesapeake is required to index field tickets to invoices, additional fees may apply
  • Once your company has gone live with EI invoices, any physical invoices received and dated after the “go live” date will be returned for EI processing
  • Invoices dated prior to “go live” date should be sent manually to the appropriate accounts payable contact
  • If you have invoices that need to be resubmitted please email Supplier Relations or call 877-245-1427 and they will instruct you on resubmitting procedures; original invoices and invoice numbers should not be altered, and resubmitted invoices through Oildex will not be paid
  • To participate in Electronic Invoicing visit the EI page.

Tax Reporting Requirements

  • Complete a W-9 form. Foreign suppliers may be required to submit alternate forms. To contact A/P please view our contact list
  • All suppliers who enter Chesapeake property must have a Master Service Agreement on file. Completed form and supporting documents should be mailed to:
Chesapeake Operating, LLC
ATTN: Chesapeake Manager - Contracts and Compliance
6100 N. Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Contact chkcontracts@chk.com if you have questions.