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Vendor Relations


Welcome to Chesapeake’s Vendor Relations webpage, designed for business partners and vendors.  We hope you find this site helpful when you need information.

Click here to view financial information such as payment history, invoice discrepancies, electronic invoicing setup information and direct deposit enrollment.

Click here to contact accounts payable at Chesapeake.

Vendor Code of Conduct

Effective December 13, 2013, the board adopted the Vendor Code of Conduct. The Vendor Code is based on the principles of our Code of Business Conduct and communicates the expectations we have for ethical conduct and fair dealing with vendors. Together, the Code of Business Conduct and the Vendor Code provide the foundation for relationships built on lawful and fair practices. As with the Code of Business Conduct, the Vendor Code is meant to be a user-friendly document that speaks to all vendors and prioritizes the company's values and key risk areas.

View a copy of the Vendor Code of Conduct.​​​​​​​​​​​

Vendor Code of Business Conduct​​​
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