Some of our services include:

Organic geochemistry/thermal maturity
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Total organic carbon is measured with a LECO carbon analyzer. Thermal maturity is measured by a pyrolysis method, which measures the amount of hydrocarbons evolved as a function of temperature. These values are used to calculate whether the reservoir is in the dry gas, wet gas or oil window.


Unconventional reservoir core analysis
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This suite of tests yields bulk density, porosity, permeability and fluid saturations. The exact procedures are tailored to the reservoir (oil or gas) and to the tightness of the rock. Porosity is measured by Boyle's Law expansion on plugs or on crushed rock (modified GRI method), and permeability is measured with a pressure-decay method.


Quantitative mineralogy by X-ray diffraction
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Samples for X-ray diffraction are crushed, powdered and then analyzed with a Bruker diffractometer. Quantitative analysis is performed by a full-pattern matching system.


Acoustic velocity
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Sheer and compressional wave velocities are measured in horizontal and vertical directions, allowing calculation of static moduli and acoustic anisotropy. This equipment was manufactured in-house.


FE SEM analysis with Ar-ion polishing
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Samples are analyzed by a JEOL field-emission microscope after polishing with an argon ion mill. Using this technique, nanopores as small as 5 nanometers can be imaged at magnifications up to 700,000x.


Spectral core gamma
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This tool measures potassium, uranium and thorium responses in rock. The data provides a core-to-log depth shift when compared to the wireline log gamma.


Core photography
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Digital white light and UV images are acquired at high resolution. Example image on the right shows a highly fluorescent bentonite layer which are important marker beds in some plays


Liquid, steady-state and pulse decay plug permeability

We measure either effective gas or liquid permeability, depending on the availability of nonfractured, quality plugs and the reservoir's fluid saturations. Steady-state permeability is performed for samples with more than 1md permeability and gas pulse decay for samples less than 1md.