Our Stories


  • Being Resourceful in Giving Back

    Low commodity prices affect more than just the industry — nonprofit organizations often experience a decline in donations directly impacting the services they provide. Chesapeake got creative....
  • Hiring Heroes: Recruiting and Retaining Veterans

    For nearly a decade, Chesapeake has had formal programs in place to recruit and retain veterans in the workplace. Recognizing the many talents and skills veterans bring to a work culture, the company was an early leader in what would become a larger hiring initiative within the oil and gas industry.
  • The Driving Force of Safety

    At Chesapeake, nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, contactors and the public. With more than 1,800 vehicles on the road daily in 12 states, the company sees its commitment to driver safety as a top priority as well as an opportunity to help protect the communities where it operates. Chesapeake uses advanced technology, targeted training...
  • Mentors Strengthen Lease Operators

    Across the company, lease operators are rising up and becoming ChAMPs — Chesapeake Active Mentoring Process candidates. ChAMP is a program that recruits mentors to train, advise and document....