Lease Obligation Check

Lease obligation payments are those payments potentially due under the terms of a lessor’s oil and gas lease, excluding royalty payments (see Royalties for information about royalty payments). These payments include, but are not limited to, lease bonuses, rentals, options to extend, shut-ins, minimum royalty, surface bonuses and surface rentals. Lease obligation payments are issued weekly and typically delivered via certified U.S. Mail. If you have not received your check by the due date as determined on the lease and/or surface agreement, please call Owner Relations at 877-254-1427 or email

Payments may be temporarily withheld when Chesapeake receives a notice of a change in ownership, such as a notice of death, transfer of property, assignment of interest or legal dispute, or when there is not an address on file. Payments are accumulated and will release once we receive all necessary documentation and have completed the change of ownership. If you have questions regarding suspended balances, please contact our Lease Obligation payments group.

Lease Obligation Check Stub

Each lease obligation payment check comes with a detailed check stub that includes information such as payment type, the Chesapeake lease number, lease date, lease recording information and legal description to help our owners identify the payment. Please see below for an example of a lease obligation payment check stub. We recommend that owners retain their lease obligation payment check stub for tax purposes.