Our Pledge

Leading a responsible energy future is foundational to Chesapeake's success. Our core values and culture demand that we continuously improve our environmental, social, and governance performance across all facets of our company.

Our path to leading a responsible energy future begins with our pledge to achieve net-zero direct greenhouse gas ​emissions by 2035. To meet this challenge, we have set meaningful initial steps including:

  • Eliminate routine flaring from all new wells completed from 2021 forward, and enterprise-wide by 2025
  • Reduce our methane intensity(1) to 0.09% by 2025
  • Reduce our GHG intensity(2) to 5.5 by 2025

Our Approach

Corporate responsibility is embedded in the culture of Chesapeake, and our core values guide us to conduct our business with integrity and continuous improvement. We set a high standard for ourselves — and our partners — recognizing the responsibility entrusted to us by our stakeholders.

(1) volume methane emissions/volume gross gas produced
(2) tCO2e/gross boe produced

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