One Team. One Chesapeake.

Wor​king as One CHK defines Chesapeake's culture. It's a culture that engages the power of our people, working together to put Chesapeake first. It's a competitive advantage encouraging us to perform at our best every day. And it's our core values in action, recognizing the unique opinions and contributions of each of our employees.

Across our industry, the workplace is changing. Employees are valuing different experiences, technology is reducing our interpersonal interactions and increasing technical knowledge can create silos among co-workers. One CHK is our intentional response to these changes. It's taking the best of the past workplace accountability, ownership and teamwork and combining it with the present and future.

Exemplifying our core values, One CHK empowers employees to innovate, collaborate and take calculated risks as we work toward generating the most value for the company. Our culture also encourages inclusion and diversity and the proactive steps it takes to reduce our own filters, blind spots and unconscious bias.

We recognize that words alone will not shape a culture. For this reason, we continue to dedicate resources to shaping and sustaining One CHK. From leadership engagement and employee trainings to goal setting and success celebrations, we invest in our culture to achieve top company performance. 


People Focused. Performance Driven.​

To drive value as One CHK, we align employee compensation with both individual and company performance. Our performance management program makes each employee responsible for Chesapeake's success as employees set individual annual goals that support the company's business objectives. Those employees who meet or exceed their goals are eligible for higher bonus payouts. 

In 2019, our Human Resources team worked with a focus group of diverse employees across multiple disciplines to gather feedback on our performance management process. As a result of these discussions, we evolved our Pay for Performance management system by adding specific leadership goals for employee development and updated performance ratings to give leaders a better opportunity to provide specific coaching and feedback. In addition, we tied each performance rating with a fixed bonus percentage, which provides greater transparency and ownership into our compensation program.

This pay-for-performance program, coupled with an industry-defined salary structure, creates greater transparency among employees about how their performance impacts their total compensation. Not only does this instill a sense of fairness across the organization, but we are also able to accurately reward our top performers.

In addition to compensation, we support our employees with a competitive benefits package. Chesapeake’s wide range of benefits includes:

  • Generous 401K employer match 
  • Comprehensive health insurance as well as mental health support programs
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Abundant paid time off, including parental leave for mothers and fathers
  • Adoption assistance and parental leave 
  • Flexible work schedule options​