Celebrating Inclusion & Diversity

Chesapeake believes in the importance of inclusion and diversity for the workplace, for our company performance and for societal advancement. We take a proactive approach to inclusion and diversity in company decision-making, recognizing differences as both a competitive advantage and necessary for meaningful change. ​

In March 2019, Chesapeake joined a coalition of companies pledging to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Through the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, former CEO Doug Lawler committed himself and Chesapeake to cultivate a workplace in which diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion. As the first E&P CEO to sign the pledge, Lawler joins more than 1,600 signatories who are sharing best practices and learning opportunities to initiate real change within their organizations. 


Differences Make Us Stronger

The Chesapeake Inclusion + Diversity Council serves as an advisory body that reports to executive management and takes a leadership role in developing and promoting inclusion practices across the company. This includes providing insights to drive positive organizational behaviors and increasing understanding of and appreciation for how inclusion and diversity drive differential performance. The Council has commitment from the top, with our Executive Vice President – General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, serving as Council Chair.

The Council relies on our One CHK culture to create successful action related to our inclusion and diversity efforts. Building on the foundation of our core values, we host all-employee trainings focused on diversity-related topics. These trainings —​ tackling topics ranging from individual blind spots and unconscious bias to the importance of inclusion and diversity for company success —​ increase awareness and create employee accountability. 

Chesapeake also encourages employees to become One CHK Champions, supporting and embodying the One CHK culture and its emphasis on inclusion and diversity. Our Champions help identify ways for the company to embrace inclusion, while working to spark cultural change within their respective areas. They also provide feedback on challenges the company faces related to inclusion and diversity and collaborate with other Champions to identify and implement solutions.


To further an environment that promotes inclusion, and in support of our Equal Employment Policy, we also offer annual inclusion and diversity training to all supervisors and above.​

From the Boardroom to the NBA: Raising Awareness of I&D Issues

In 2019, the I+D Council was focused on continuing to provide education and insight around why I&D is important and how we can continue to drive results through an inclusive culture. As a part of this focus, the council hosted a quarterly I&D speaker series which included outside speakers who shared unique perspectives on the role I&D plays in their organizations. Highlights from the year included "The Business Case for I&D" with former Chesapeake Board Member Leslie Keating and "Promoting Inclusion & Diversity In the NBA" with the NBA's EVP and Chief D&I Officer, Oris Stuart. These events were also webcast live for our field employees and recordings were posted to our intranet.