Talent Management

We look at talent management as an investment in our employees. From our training programs to our career advisory initiatives, our goal is to help Chesapeake employees reach their full potential while driving company success. We do this through a number of resources that emphasize both skills training and career growth.  


In 2018, our employees participated in more than 75,000 hours of personal and professional development training ― on average 30 hours per employee. This is in addition to the 9 hours per employee of training on environmental and safety topics. 

Chesapeake is committed to continuous improvement of our workforce and we support employees who have a desire to pursue additional education or enhance their expertise. We offer tuition reimbursement up to the IRS maximum of $5,250 per year per employee. In 2018, we invested nearly $450,000 in 84 employees’ continued college or graduate school education.

University Relations

At Chesapeake, we are fueling the next generation of energy leaders through our summer internship program. Each summer, students (primarily those with petrotechnical majors) work within specific departments to gain experience while also completing business-based projects to encourage both collaboration and innovation. Each intern is also paired with a mentor to help guide them through the 12-week program. The skills learned through a Chesapeake internship often prepare students for full-time employment. The majority of our full-time entry level petrotechnical positions are hired straight from our intern program.

Employee Data and Changes to Our Workforce


In 2018, multiple divestitures, most notably the sale of our Utica asset, resulted in an adjustment of our corporate workforce by approximately 400 positions. Approximately 350 of these positions were field employees who transitioned to employment by the purchasing companies.  

In the midst of these changes, our goal was to communicate fully with all affected employees, to smooth the transition for those joining the acquiring companies, and to provide assistance to those looking for new opportunities.