Safety First Every Day

Chesapeake’s number one priority is to protect people. Safety is more than a company metric — it is a value that drives our commitment to responsible operations. We set and deliver on strict safety standards, prioritizing safety for everyone every day. Our safety culture is integrated across the company, regardless of function or position. Our company has fostered a culture of safety, with guidance and leadership from our Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory (HSER) team. Whether you are an employee, contractor, neighbor or community member, your safety is our most important priority.​


Maintaining a safe work environment and supporting safe behaviors is a commitment that our employees and contractors all own together. We hold each other accountable to keeping our sites, workforce and communities safe. 

One program that reinforces this philosophy of personal responsibility is Stop Work Authority. Through Stop Work Authority, every employee and contractor has the right and responsibility to stop work if conditions are unsafe or could cause harm to the environment.​