Electronic Invoicing

For fast and efficient payments, please submit your invoices through Chesapeake Operating’s preferred electronic invoicing platform, OpenInvoice (OI). Chesapeake uses OI for its electronic invoicing program. OI provides several benefits, including:

  • Invoice tracking
  • Direct customer communication
  • Improved invoice efficiency
  • Remittance and payment detail
  • Same-day dispute resolution

Getting Started

Once you become an approved supplier, the OI onboarding process is quick and easy. To get started, email supplierrelations@chk.com. Please make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • Quantity of invoices with Chesapeake and affiliate companies
  • Whether invoices are sent from multiple supplier names/sites
  • Name of existing OI supplier account (if applicable)
  • Contact information for your company's electronic invoicing administrator

Invoice Submission Methods

Suppliers may use any of the following to submit electronic invoices through OpenInvoice:

  • Online web forms (only requires a computer and Internet connection)
  • QuickBooks add-in that allows users to create and transmit e-invoices
  • Other standardized data formats or spreadsheets (CSV, XML, PIDX and API)
  • Once your company has gone live wtih OI invoicing, Chesapeake will begin rejecting any mailed/emailed invoices back to your company to submit through OI
For more information or questions, please contact Chesapeake at supplierrelations@chk.com.

Electronic Pricing and Invoicing

Chesapeake uses OpenInvoice Price Books to automatically validate electronic invoices submitted by its suppliers against the applicable contracted prices. Once enabled in the electronic invoicing system, suppliers who reference Price Books when submitting invoices will experience fewer payment delays related to invoice validation and approval.

Chesapeake reserves the right to require selected suppliers to reference Price Books when submitting invoices. The Chesapeake Price Book Administrator will notify suppliers via email 30 days in advance of requiring Price Book(s) to be referenced on all invoice submissions through OpenInvoice. For more information, please contact Chesapeake’s Price Book Administrator at PBA@chk.com.

OpenInvoice Price Books are established in one of two ways: first, by attachment of pricing to a written agreement between the supplier and Chesapeake that is executed by the supplier and an officer of Chesapeake, or their duly authorized designee (e.g., a Scope of Work); or second by entering into an Electronic Pricing Agreement and memorializing pricing as described below.

Electronic Pricing Agreement

Suppliers who have entered into a valid Electronic Pricing Agreement with Chesapeake may offer pricing to Chesapeake by submitting the proposed pricing, in a Microsoft Excel format provided by Chesapeake, via email to any Chesapeake Supply Chain representative. Upon written notification by the Chesapeake Price Book Administrator to any supplier representative that Chesapeake accepts the pricing, such pricing will become effective and binding on both parties pursuant to the terms of the Electronic Pricing Agreement. For information about entering into an Electronic Pricing Agreement, please contact your Chesapeake Supply Chain representative.

For more information please contact Chesapeake’s EI Project Manager at Supplier Relations.