Invoice Format

Using the following invoice formats will help avoid delays and expedite payment:

  • Invoice should be printed on letter-sized white paper with black font; colored paper or font is discouraged
  • Use one standard-sized staple per invoice to secure all documents
  • Standard-weight paper is best; avoid overly thick or thin paper stock
  • Elaborate logos or watermarks will likely not be picked up by our scanners; do not rely on these items to convey valuable information such as company name or remittance address
  • Minimize the number of times an invoice is folded
  • Original invoices are preferred; copies or faxed copies are more difficult to read
  • Do not use highlighters on invoices; they scan very dark and make the text unreadable
  • Do not attach Post-It or other removable notes, they will be removed prior to scanning
  • Avoid printing barcodes on your invoices

We can convert almost any document into an image. These suggestions are intended to make your invoice submission process as fast and efficient as possible.