Standard Invoice Requirements

Effective October 10, 2018, Chesapeake will reject invoices if the following guidelines are not met:

  • One invoice per job
  • Do not submit invoices to the field for processing  
  • Chesapeake will not be obligated to pay if the invoice is not received within 90 days of the date of work
  • Chesapeake entity being invoiced
  • Complete invoice with all necessary backup (signed field tickets, bid award sheets, etc.)
  • Invoice number and date
  • Service date
  • Complete description of work done or product purchased
  • Correct cost object information (valid cost objects are work orders, WBS elements and cost centers), rig or gathering location (where appropriate)
  • Correct amount (invoice page vs. OpenInvoice invoice)

Additional Requirements for PO Submission

  • One PO per invoice
  • PO number is required
  • PO item number from the PO form should be listed on the invoice for the corresponding line item charged
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