Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Chesapeake Energy Corporation is the second-largest producer of natural gas, the 11th largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids and the most active driller of onshore wells in the U.S. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company's operations are focused on discovering and developing unconventional natural gas and oil fields onshore in the U.S. Chesapeake owns leading positions in the Eagle Ford, Utica, Granite Wash, Cleveland, Tonkawa, Mississippi Lime and Niobrara unconventional liquids plays and in the Marcellus, Haynesville/Bossier and Barnett unconventional natural gas shale plays. The company also owns substantial marketing and oilfield services businesses through its subsidiaries Chesapeake Energy Marketing, Inc. and Chesapeake Oilfield Services, L.L.C.
P.O. Box: 18496
Oklahoma City, OK 73154-0496
United States
6100 N Western Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
United States



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      Corporate Responsibility

      The health and safety of our employees, owners, the environment and the public is our number one priority. We are committed to safely and responsibly producing oil and natural gas while respecting our stakeholders and the communities where we live and operate.

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      Building Stronger Relationships

      We value honest and open communications with the people who allow us to operate on their land. From payment information and forms to account details and answers to title questions, we make sure owners have everything they need.

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      With a focus on creating value, we continue to improve capital efficiencies, grow our cash flow, expand core operations and reduce our complexity. View our latest presentation to see our progress as we execute on our business strategies of financial discipline and profitable and efficient growth from captured resources.

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      Careers at Chesapeake

      We invest in our employees in many ways, from providing ongoing career opportunities and individualized training courses to tuition reimbursement and a competitive compensation program. Whether your background is financial, technical or general business, we value diversity of thought and encourage our employees to expand their skillsets. Focused on top performance, we are committed to continuous improvement and sustaining long-term growth.

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