Supplier Training

The safety of our employees, contractors, environment and the public is our highest value. We will continue developing safety and training programs for our suppliers and contractors to ensure consistency and accountability. Review our Supplier Code of Conduct to see how our core values and principles within our Code of Business Conduct tie to the way we conduct business with our suppliers. Employees and contractors are obligated to stop work they believe could adversely impact the health and safety of others or the environment.

We also provide the necessary West Virginia Aquatics Resources training for all employees and contractors involved in site design and/or construction activities at Chesapeake facilities in West Virginia.

Chesapeake suppliers must complete the annual Chesapeake Contractor Orientation, including the one-time SafeLandUSA training. Contractor orientation also includes the following message from CEO Doug Lawler:

"At Chesapeake, our number one priority is to provide a safe work environment for
our employees, contractors, landowners and the communities where we operate.
We are committed to operating responsibly and living our core values of integrity,
trust, transparency and stewardship of corporate resources and the environment. 

As our partner, we urge you to embrace our safety culture, where safety, environmental
stewardship and loss prevention are thoroughly integrated into all of our operations. 

This manual outlines basic safety and environmental requirements that all personnel
must follow when working on Chesapeake Work Sites. Please take extra time and
to be safe, and stop work if you believe conditions or practices may
be unsafe or cause harm to the environment. 

To create an incident-free work environment, every Chesapeake employee and
contractor must accept individual and collective safety responsibility. Managing
our business with 
integrity and trust will help us foster a culture that inspires
environmental and safety excellence and will lead to ongoing growth and success."

Chesapeake has established a relationship with ISNetworld (ISN) to help our company objectively manage contractor requirements regarding environmental, health and safety programs. For any Chesapeake ISN inquiries please contact